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We Provide SaaS for our customers
MailZip Code Solves Your Location & Address Problem
Vendors and Shop locations are verified using MailZip Code
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Improving businesses with affordable and profitable technologies

This is a smart address that converts your traditional address into code, and it does not rely on your street name or house number. It can be used to locate and identify any place that has a MailZip Code.

With MailZip Code services, businesses, users, and the government can solve and create smart systems.

MailZip Code provides:                 

 MailZip Api

 Utilize our MailZip API for your design.

 Use our smart MailZip code api to build your solution of any type

MailZip provides logistics services to businesses and individuals. Businesses are able to make bulk delivery requests at a reduced cost.

MailZip is building a smart delivery system with its technology (MailZip Code), to provide accurate and on-demand delivery operation. MailZip logistics starts where all other logistcis companies stop, as we pass the limitation of location problems faced by other services.

MailZip provides a SaaS for vendors to create, advertise, and manage their products. The service extends to providing invoice loans to vendors and small businesses through the store.

Giving buyers the best experience and price with quality products.

MailZip provides a smart payment service for users, for security and fast transactions. When shopping on M-Store, pay less with MailZip Pay.

We also, provide payment API for businesses who want to integrate a secure, less fee, and fast payment system.



Digitalizing business strategies and executions


MailZip offer a B2B2C ecommerce service. Transforming the way manufacturers and distributors locate and distribute to wholesalers and retailers using MailZip Smart Code. Enhanced the selling strategy of retailers to consumers, making sure their purchased products are sold out with less stress.


Products distribution to businesses has never been easy without the MailZip Code. MailZip is rendering a digital channel of delivery products and orders to businesses and consumers, using MailZip Code smart address.

Digital Labeling

MailZip is transforming all traditional addresses to 7-digit digital smart address called MailZip Code (M-Code). MailZip gives every business a unique smart address for easy address and location identification to enhance business activities, and delivery. Get a smart address and location tag for your building and eliminate long description of your address and location. Get your equipment, office, department location identifiable with MailZip Code.


Transforming the payment acceptance process, digitalizing the payment, and going cashless. Promoting cashless method among the vendors and providing them cashless method of purchasing products and delivery order.



Improve your business, enhance customer experience, and get the best business experience.



App and system users can navigate to any location with MailZip



With MailZip e-hailing systems present exact drop cost and passengers enjoy faster trip when their exact drop off location is identified


              Emergency services are responding faster by finding precise locations with MailZip.



MailZip is used for location-based marketing efficiency, and marketing products to the target audience.


Retailers and shop owners are improving delivery efficiency and customer experience with MailZip



Travel guide, Hotels and B&Bs use MailZip to help travelers find location, and attraction locations easily.