MailZip Pay

  • MailZip Pay is your secured and quick payment service for your shopping and online services.
  • We provide you with a wallet to top up and used for your daily shopping.
  • With MailZip QR Code payment in stores, you get a cashback bonus each time you pay in-store.
  • Install MailZip pay from play store
  • Create your first MailZip Code.
  • Click on the MailZip Pay menu, create your PIN for transactions.
  • Top up your wallet and you are good to go.

Start using MailZip Pay in a few steps:

  • add Shop as Products:
    – Making your brand visible to consumers
    – Buy your favorite brand and from your best seller
  • Add MailZip Pay under Services:
    MailZip Pay
    Accept and use MailZip Pay in your store and during shopping to eliminate the transfer bank charge when a customer transfers

To Pay in Shop

Click here and scan the QR CODE in the shop (show them the place to click on the app), Then enter the amount and pay.

  • Do you own a Store, accept MailZip Pay.
  • Increase your sales and number of customers with the help of MailZip Pay.
  • Download MailZip from the Play store.
  • Create your MailZip Code
    Click on the MailZip menu,
  • Create a PIN and create on Store Pay to create a QR code to accept payment in your store
  • Print the QR code and put it in your store

How It Works

Payment API

Utilize our dynamic MailZip Payment API for your online payments. Integrate our API in your eCommerce, or any system to accept MailZip Pay.